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I’ve been getting inquries on this blog about how to get started as a virtual assistant and the truth is, I don’t know exactly what to tell them. You see, I became a home-based virtual assistant by accident. I was just browsing a blog and I saw that they are in need for virtual assistants so I applied. Less than two weeks later, I was hired.  I started to work two days before my official start date in the contract and was thrown immediately to answering emails for customers of a guitar instructor. I had no training at all! So if you ask me how you can start as a virtual assistant, I would say read blogs.


But during the free seminar for aspiring virtual assistants conducted by Virtual Staff Finder, outsourcing guru Chris C. Ducker, advised attendees to create a blog if they don’t have one. I agree with him. Blogging helped me develop my skills in writing and inspired me to do web sites. Blogging also helped me get clients that need help with their WordPress blogs and social media.


In addition, there is a huge demand for virtual assistants knowledgeable in WordPress Just  look at Craigslist, Odesk, Elance, Freelancer, and other job boards. If you don’t believe me, just look at this screenshot of job ads for WordPress-savvy workers.

virtual assistant tutorial  


WordPress Tutorial for Aspiring Virtual Assistants

The huge demand for WordPress virtual assistants and the inquiries I get from people wanting to become a virtual assistant made me realize that there is a market for online WordPress tutorials. This is for people who have no WordPress knowlege at all. Unfortunately, I cannot offer this for FREE. What I can do is offer it for a really affordable price. But I guarantee that you will get tons out of this tutorial, including the following:

  • A working WordPress site or blog, depending on what the tutee wants
  • Free web hosting for three months
  • Access to all the WordPress resources I use as a virtual assistant
  • Opportunity to work with my clients
If you are interested in this online WordPress tutorial and would like to receive more info, please leave your name and email in the comment section below and I will get back to you within the week with more information on this tutorial and the syllabus. 

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  1. Jackie RM says:

    Hi Nica,

    I am interested in taking a WordPress tutorial. Are you going to have another class for this?


  2. Hi Nica! I have just read this and I am also interested. No schedule for a new tutorial?

  3. Hi there Nica.. Im interested to learn more about WordPress.. Send me more info. And thanks to your site.. I learned a lot! Keep it up!


  4. Hi there Nica.. Im interested to learn more about WordPress.. Send me more info. And thanks to your site.. I learned a lot! Keep it up!

  5. dhey faustino says:

    count me in…

  6. Hi. Please send me details about the wordpress tutorial and/or upcoming seminar for VAs. tnx.

  7. loco_coconut says:

    Can you suggest the minimum PC requirements one must have to become a VA? Can they use a laptop?

    • Hi Loco, I suggest your PC should be at least Pentium IV – I started out with a PC just like this. As for laptops — as long as you don’t have to wait for a minute for every page to open up, then you’re good to go. I have an old Acer Aspire One netbook that I also use for work so imagine how slow that is compared to other PCs

  8. Hi Nica,

    I have a WordPress blog that I maintain for four years now. Although I’m not sure if the things I do here are enough to be qualified as a virtual assistant. I hope I can also join this tutorial.

    Thank you!


  9. im interested as well in ur wordpress tutorial pls give me details. thanks

  10. Hi Nica!

    I am interested in learning wordpress. I hope you can help me out. Please shoot me an email. Thanks!

  11. Hi Nica,

    I’m looking for someone that has an idea about WordPress and thanks to my friend Tara from VSF who sent me this link. I am so eager to learn how to make wordpress which it is very in demand now.

  12. I would like to know more about wordpress
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  13. Hello Nica! It’s awesome that you are helping out virtual assistants to learn WordPress. There is such a huge demand for VAs who are tech savvy. It’s a skill that makes you stand out in this overcrowded marketplace. As a VA who had no clue about how to set up a blog before, I had to read, read, and read. Someday it would be great to collaborate with you and do coaching for local VAs. ;)
    Karen May Dy recently posted..3 Causes of Marketing Information Overwhelm and How to Fix ThemMy Profile

  14. melanie sedigo says:

    Hi Nica,

    I would like to subscribe to this utorial thank you.



  15. hi nica,can u pls send me details on VA tutorial,im interested

  16. i’m interested. :)

  17. Great WordPress Design i like it

  18. Let me have more details pls.

  19. Cool! Count me in Nica! :)
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  20. I’m interested. I’ve been trying to work on WordPress but I’m somewhat getting lost. I need this! :)
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  21. I will join Nica!

  22. Thanks She!
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  23. she avenido says:

    cool!! count me in..

  24. Danielle says:

    Hi Nica:
    I’m interested in the WordPress tutorial, can you send me more info? Thanks and bunch!

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