Tips to Increase Your Social Media Capital

Tonyo Cruz and Ros Juan on Social Media Day 2012 - Makati

Tonyo Cruz and Ros Juan

Lessons from Social Media Day 2012 – Makati

Filipinos proved that the Philippines is indeed the social media capital of the world with the recently concluded Social Media Day 2012. Around 440 netizens attended the celebration in Makati, exceeding the expectations of the event organizers, Tonyo Cruz and Ros Juan.

What I found interesting is Tonyo’s speech about social media capital and net-worth. Filipinos are using social media not just to connect with family and friends, but also to do some social good.  So for this post, I would like to share some tips for increasing your social media capital through offline events.  Here they are:


1. Prepare to be social.

I arrived at the event a little “stressed.” It was a long commute and though there was no traffic, the humid weather was adding to my distress. Thus, when Valerie introduced me to her online friend, who’s also in my network, I barely managed a smile. Not a a good way to make a first impression nor increase your social media capital. So when attending events, make sure you’re in the mood to be social.

Remember, nobody likes a grinch. Not in the stories, not in real life and definitely not in social media.    Click to Tweet


2. Don’t just stand in the corner, mingle.

Roam around and see who you might know. I saw Rochelle of Women’s Central, Jonel Uy of Blogger Manila, Edwin Padillo of Read Me Like Poem, and the fabolous Thysz Estrada and chatted with each of them for a bit. It’s a good way to touch base with people you met before and show that you still remember them. Afterwards, Tweet something about bumping into them and you’re bound to get a reply.


3. Be brave and introduce yourself.

I spied Stef Gonzaga of The Freelace Pinoy in the crowd and though we’ve been tweeting a lot, this is the first time I saw her in person. I approached her and when she realized who I was, it was like we’ve known each other for a while. She then introduced me to Kevin Olega and Chris Lao and now those guys are both in my network. In turn, I also introduced them to Valerie.  When I got home, I added both guys in Twitter and they added me back as well.


4.  Take good pictures.

If you truly want to stay in touch with a person after the an event, take a picture of the two of you together or as a group and email them a copy. Alternatively, upload it on Facebook or Twitter and tag them.  That’s guaranteed to earn you  a new follower — either the person you tagged or their stalker.


The Virtual Assistant with Stef, Valerie, and Kevin

The Virtual Assistant with Stef, Valerie, and Kevin


5. Bring your business card.

I love getting business cards from people because it makes it easier to connect with them via social media or email afterwards. And let’s face it — not everyone can remember the names of the people they met during an event.  A business card helps refresh one’s recall.

That’s it! I hope you got at least one practical tip you can use next time you attend an event like this.


  1. Wow! I just read this now. Thanks sa special mention. Apologies, super late na ng comment. It was nice seeing you there too. And tin said may wedding this week! :) see you soon!
    Edwin recently posted..Mochi Sweets is now in ManilaMy Profile

  2. i like the post , its very interesting
    thanks for the tips :)

  3. Great tips, Nica! I especially agree with points 2 and 5. In events like these, it pays to be social and to leave your mark with the people you meet via business cards. I hope to have a couple of cards done for myself in the future.

    It was really a pleasure to finally meet you and Valerie in person. I hope we can see each other in future tech/social media events.

    – Stef G.
    Stef Gonzaga recently posted..The Basics of Guest BloggingMy Profile

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