I won a Scholarship to the Mad Biz School 2012

Janine Ogg and Jo Foster of LoveYourSmallBusiness.com For the last few months, I’ve been really pondering about my virtual assistant business. I’ve been doing this for more than four years and I really think it’s now time to up my game and work on growing the business. My dream is to have a multi-VA setup, a virtual assistant team if you will, to help support my clients’ growing needs.

However, I’ve allowed myself to be daunted by the complexities of setting up a virtual assistant team. There’s just a lot of things to do and consider. What kind of business model do I follow? What services do I offer? How do I add people to my team? Do I hire people or just subcontract work? What systems and processes do I need to make?

These things really baffle me and I’m not ashamed to admit that I NEED HELP. And help came in the most unexpected place.


LYSB is a collaboration between Janine Ogg and Jo Foster, two creative and passionate business consultants based in New Zealand.  It exists to empower women entrepreneurs everywhere to unleash purpose, creativity and wealth into their lives and businesses.

I encountered LYSB while looking for business planning blogs for women. I subscribed to their newsletter and signed up for their webinar, Build a Rock-Solid Business Strategy That Does Good in the World.  Three hours before the webinar, around 5AM here in the Philippines, I receive an email with instructions on how to enter the scholarship to their Online Business School. I entered and waited three more hours to join the webinar even though I stayed up all night to do the work.

As it turned out, it was a good decision on my part. It seemed like the world heard my cry for help and whispered to Janine and Jo to chose me as the winner of the scholarship! With their coaching and guidance, I believe that my business will indeed grow by leaps and bounds. And I hope that you’ll be there to support me.

If you would like to find out more about Janine and Jo’s online business school, please click this link to the Mad Biz School 2012.

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  1. Nica,

    So happy you won the scholarship! I love your plans to expand and grow! Great way to help more people and help yourself at the same time.

    So have you started the course yet? How’s it going?

    They say that once you make a commitment, the universe conspires to help and in your case that is certainly true!!!

    Good luck with this!

    ~ Jupiter Jim
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  2. hey nica ,
    First of all congr8st , you deserve it and secondly i love your blog and trust me it’s really impressive..
    hope to see you writing more valuable article…
    many thanks
    mrinal recently posted..Use Twitter Like A Pro With 8 Simple Tips TricksMy Profile

  3. Kia ora Nica,

    What a wonderful feeling it was to give away this scholarship and yes, we heard your cry for help loud and clear – all the way from NZ!

    We’re can’t wait to work through some of the challenges you mention in this blog post with you – Janet is right, you can do it and you now have a talented group of women supporting you to make it happen.

    Congratulations once again.
    Janine and Jo

  4. good on you, Nica! I’m so glad a Filipina won the scholarship ;) And really looking forward to seeing you on the other side!!

    I’m checking out your blog and I feel like I’ve probably been here before. It seems familiar..

    Your site is great though! Are you familiar with Chris Ducker, the British guy who lives in Cebu and has his own 300+ VA/outsourcing biz??

    Definitely want to help you out too. I’m currently working full time from home for my ‘steady client’.. since I’m too stubborn to think of them as an employer.. hehe. But I see how they grow their outsource biz from the inside and how you might be able to do it too.. In just 2 months the biz already makes almost 6 figures.

    You can do it!!
    Janet recently posted..Think big + Why I’m “Going Pro”My Profile

    • Hi Janet! Yes, very familiar with Chris! I met him a couple of times already.

      I really look forward to the Mad Biz School. I think J9 mentioned that you’re also into yoga? That’s something I want to get into this year. I tried it before, when I was working in Alabang but when I quit my job, it didn’t make sense for me to travel all the way from San Pedro to Alabang (near Honda) just to have YOGA. The stress before and after would have made YOGA (read: TRAFFIC) stressful.

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