How to use Pin a Quote (Share As Image)

how to pin a quote to pinterest In a previous post ,  I demonstrated how to create pinnable quotes.  For this post I am going to show how you can Pin a Quote to Pinterest using a tool developed by Adam Rotman, a creative web strategist. This is one of my favorite Pinterest tools because it saves  me a lot of time and it’s an easy way of to pin quotes that you like.  Without further ado,  here is the tutorial video.


Pin a Quote Free vs. Pro versions

As I mentioned in the mention in the video, I love using the Pro version of Pin a Quote.  Here’s why:

  • You can have different fonts for the actual quote and the name of the author.
  • You can choose different colors for your background and text. This is good if you want to maintain some sort of branding in your pinteresting quotes.
  • You’re quotes pop out which is very important.  See example below:
virtual team management

Quotes made using the Pin a Quote Pro version are more pinteresting.


Adam is adding new features to Pin a Quote as per his email to me when I gave him my feedback of the tool. I only hope that these new features will allow me to:

  • Store my created pins in my pro account or at least see a list of pins that I have created.
  • Incorporate textured backgrounds into the design. As of the moment, the background of your quote is a solid color. Textured backgrounds would be nice or, better yet…
  • Use an image as background  for the text. This would be a wicked cool feature that I’m sure many would love.

Ideas for using Pin a Quote

Now that you know how to create your very own pinteresting quotes, what’s next. If you’re a blogger, you can go back to your old posts and see if there are pinworthy passages you can share to your followers in Pinterest. It could be something profound, a joke (everyone needs a good laugh), or a tip that you think is very useful. For example, I have a post on 7 ways to clean your computer and business laptop. I created pins out of the tips. They’re great reminders that go so well with my The Virtual Assistant Pinboard on Pinterest.

Happy pinning.

Update: Pin a Quote is now known as Share as image.

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  1. Haven’t fully browsed Pinterest yet but sure looks exciting to pin and your posts/photos be repinned :)
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  2. Nica,

    I have never taken any time to learn about Pinterest, because there so much to learn about all the social media types and not enough time!

    However, this post and your video is Very Helpful so I shared on other social media sites for you!

    Take Care!

    ~ Jupiter Jim
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