How Much Should You Pay Your Filipino Virtual Assistant?

gold dollar symbol The subject of how much a virtual boss should pay a Filipino virtual assistant has been the center of much controversy and discussion. On one hand, we have outsourcing pros like Chris C. Ducker of Virtual Business Lifestyle and James Wedmore of Video Traffic Academy saying that you can pay your virtual assistant as low as $2.50 per hour.

(Note: Chris has updated his post on Filipino virtual assistant rates.  According to him, you can hire a a general virtual assistant on a full time basis for as low as $500 a month or $3.125 per hour)

Then we have established Filipino virtual assistants who charge as little as $7 per hour and as much as  $35  per hour. These VAs are able to charge more because they have gone from “employee”  to “business owner”. They have adopted the entrepreneurial mindset and invested in themselves by training under more established, foreign virtual assistants like Michelle Dale, Tina Forsyth, and Alicia Rittenhouse.  They are no longer just virtual assistants – they’re project managers and online business managers. They are paid for the value they add to the organization or business.

And then there’s a another  group of outsourcers who think that Filipino virtual assistants work for peanuts. You can often see them  lurking in Craigslist,  offering to pay as low as $1 per hour.  While I cringe at the thought of it, the sad truth is this: many Filipinos, desperate to get a job, take on the $1 per hour rate just to put food on the table.

Given these differences, it’s no wonder that someone seeking to hire a virtual admin assistant can become confused on what’s the rate to give to a VA.


How much should you pay your virtual assistant from the Philippines?

My intention for this  post is to calculate the per hourly rate of a virtual admin assistant from the Philippines doing purely admin work with about 1 to 4 years of experience. I’m going to base it on current labor rules and practices here in the Philippines. I will take into account the benefits received by full-time employees here since I doubt anyone would resign their full-time jobs to become a virtual assistant  if the salary offered is not within the industry average.

Here’s what I came up with:

Sample computation of a filipino virtual assistant rate

Lowest possible Filipino virtual assistant rate


As you can see, the minimum hourly rate I got for a virtual admin assistant with 1 to 4 years experience is $2.84 per hour.  The average rate is $3.48 per hour.  The high-end rate is $4 per hour. It’s pretty much within the updated rates that Chris has in his blog post.   You can check out my computations below.

Hourly rate for a virtual admin assistant from the Philippines

Average Filipino virtual assistant rate

$4 Filipino virtual assistant rate

Ideal Filipino virtual assistant rate


Please note that this rate is applicable only to virtual admin assistants.  The rate is different if you’re going to hire a virtual assistant that specializes in graphic design, WordPress, SEO, or social media.



Judging from my computation above, a $4 an hour rate for your Filipino virtual assistant is just about right, not to mention “fair.” Happy outsourcing!



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  1. I would say its fair enough given you are already a seasoned VA, as most new comers won’t be able to demand such rate and no Outsource company would hire them if they don’t have a portfolio to show. We all have to take the rough road sometimes.. But once you get established and connected you won’t run out of work is you stay committed to this career.

  2. Hi, I am currently looking for a part time job. I am a reports analyst and I know the basic SEM job. Hope I can find one.


  3. Hi, I want to work as a VA. I am a first timer and I have few friends who are working as a VA that $5 should be the minimum hourly basis for Filipino VA’s. I want to charge $5. Is this good for a first timer rate? Hope to hear from you.

  4. Very informative blog here. Thanks for taking your time to write this very important article. IMHO with the fierce competition going on at the moment, obviously with high demands from micro and small business owners and start up companies venturing into crowd sourcing it’s a challenge among VA’s and Freelancers at large to set a standard in rate. VA is freelancing and freelancing is a business that, when taken seriously like a service business, can be very rewarding — financially. It’s important to set goals for lucrative pay but until you get your feet wet, build a relationship with happy clients, develop additional skills and strategy for your own business it’s best to just focus on earning your first gig no matter what the rate is — here’s a very short article about customer acquisition. I hope the author will let it stick. My apologies if it violate your rules.
    Joel Inocencio recently posted..Freelancers Welcome!My Profile

  5. I am wondering if the rates are still applicable considering the inflation? Nevertheless, this article highlights what most business owners looking into hiring their own virtual staff need to know about Philippine rates. Kudos!

  6. Hi,
    Thank you for posting this, really an eye opener. I am looking for job as VA .
    I am an experienced Customer Service Representative (CSR), Real Estate Agent, Team Leader Customer Relations Specialist and have worked as a Business Development Consultant.

  7. I have been working as a home-based online conversational and business English tutor for almost a decade now and I would like to have my first VA job. Could you help me find my first job as a virtual assistant. I finished BS Accountancy in a State University, earned my professional teaching certification from University of the Philippines Open University and would like to finish my remaining three semesters of Bachelor of Laws. Moreover, I have had both offline and online marketing/ social management experience since I helped my father’s friend set up an online page to market her shoes and bag stores. I have feature/editorial writing skills too. Please e-mail me for any job vacancy that would suit my qualifications. I do not mind working part-time with a salary rate $3 per hour basis since it would be my first formal VA job Please rest assured that I will be doing my best to learn everything quickly with eagerness, dedication and determination.

  8. Hi, I am looking for outsource jobs like data entry or virtual assistant, I have more than 10 yrs of experience in IT, I have my small IT firm actually but I am still looking for additional job.I have my staff with me if needed, we’ve done data mining projects and it was well done. does somebody here knows where else to find online or offline virtual jobs? please contact me at uncco(at)

  9. Hi I’m interested in VA. I want to know where do i begin. Hope you’ll help. Thanks.

  10. I am interested to do a VA job. How and where do I begin. Your help means a lot.

    • Hello Anele,

      you can contact me for a job interview.

      • Hi Ms. Laura,

        Thank you for your interest in hiring me. I am still inexperienced fyi. But VA job interests me much that I want to know where and how will I begin. I am asking for help if anyone would be kind enough to extend one. Thank you.

  11. Hello! Thank you very much for this very informative post! You mentioned that those specializing in Social Media get paid more. How much more would this be? Thank you!

  12. Hi Nica,

    Thank you for sharing this insights about the rate of Filipinos. I agree that there are lots of Filipinos who are accepting only a dollar or two per hour. It is not even sufficient for one of the home expenses like electric bill and what more if they will add the food they eat, internet bill, and other computer equipment needs. There are many Filipinos who are desperately in need of an online job and they end up working for what most people called peanuts. I hope that one day we can make a difference in changing these rates in a little way. By the way, I also have an article about the subject matter. If you have time please visit

    Cyrus Sandoval recently posted..3 Ways to Kick Off Your Procrastination HabitMy Profile

  13. Being a virtual assistant is not that easy. So, we workers need to be payed in the exact amount that was said.


    Hello from Paris !

    That is my first time on your Website…and I would appreciate if you could tell me where I must look in order to find a list of demands of Virtual Assistants Freelance.

    Or, if there is no list, what is the process you suggest ?

    Thanks in advance

    Cordially – JG

  15. Hi Nica,

    If you were given a part time job as Virtual Assistant and having a 1-4yrs. experience, how much would you price for yourself?

  16. Hi,

    I am currently researching the idea of using a VA to help me in my new on line business. I am based in the UK.

    I wish to ensure that any VA that I use will be properly rewarded and fairly treated. I am researching using a VA either directly or, preferably, through a company.

    I cannot live with the thought that a VA is slaving away for hours on end at low rates of pay just to get enough food to eat.

    I find it it very difficult to know what to do. $4 an hour seems like a very low wage to me. What is a decent, living wage per hour in a place like the Filipines?

    How do I know that companies that supply VAs pay and treat their workers fairly?


    • ivan julius madrid says:

      hello there sir! i am a freelance virtual assistant. i don’t want to go in a company because they were deducting too mush of what an employer is paying us(assistants). If you are thinking of getting an assistant for your business, you might consider me in your prospects of being hired. you can contact me and I am very willing to start immediately at a very reasonable and right rate. Thanks and goodlluck! :)

    • I am been working as a virtual assistant under a BPO company, what could I say I get very low rate as $200.00 per month for a full time work and in graveyard shift basically $160.00 per month you will get $200.00 if you don’t have late, absent and client cancellation and I lasted 2 year for it just to have an experience working in an outsourcing industry. In spite of that I am very thankful even getting low rate but the knowledge and experienced I got from it is worth it. Most employers look for an experienced VA so that give me strength to sacrifice and lasted this long. If it happens you need VA or you knew anyone needs VA please have a moment to drop me a line. Thank you.

  17. Hello:My Filipino wife and I are hiring my Filipino sister in-law as our assistant here in Manila we reside in the states.She is more than a VA to us as she does “leg work” for us also.Can I pay all her Philippine taxes and benefits for her from the States without doing U.S tax with holdings also? Thanks,David and Syla Robinson

    • Hi David, I am not well-versed in US Tax Law but you can definitely pay her SSS and PAGIBIG from abroad, assuming that she is already a registered member. OFWs are able to pay their SSS and PAGIBIG.

      However, I do not recommend this as it will be an issue that she is not working abroad. What I recommend is that you send her the money, specifically for that purposes, ask her to pay and then ask her to email you the receipt. She can pay through BAYAD Centers an certain banks.

      As for the TAW LAWS, she has to register herself in the BIR if she does not have TIN number as a solopreneur since you are not legally her employer. Then she has to file and pay her own taxes here.

      I hope this helps!

      • Right now, Im interested in getting help to set up my dbase.

        Do you have experience in working with real estate agents in getting the data for input and the kinds of information to use to set up the data base?

  18. Great post, Nica. Moving forward. It’s good to know many Filipinos found their way to successfully venture into online jobs and working at home. When I resigned from my previous job 3 months ago, the thought of trying to work as VA fascinated me as well, but I didn’t know where to start. I was hoping to find task such as doing audio, voice-overs and graphic works as a start but I end up confused because the salary offers are hard to justify.

    Hopefully with your post, we will be able to determine the demarcation line of a reasonable pay.

    • Hi Juan! I sincerely hope that, too. There are VAs out there who get as low as $150 a month — that is not even minimum wage and I am truly saddened by this. How can these people pay their bills?

      I wish you goodluck on your career!

  19. Wow, I was absolutely fascinated by your post and the following discussion in the comments so far!

    Thanks for doing the math, and for thinking of cost factors only an insider could know about.

    It might look tempting to hire someone for very cheap at first. (C’mon, let’s be honest here.)

    But I tend to hire my VA’s for long term. And I really get to know them.

    Your tips are really helpful to support a VA from the Philippines in a way that will make them love to work for you.

    I tweeted your article and will promote it wherever I can and wherever we talk about VA’s from the Philippines.
    Francis recently posted..Aug 21, An Interesting Thing About Hiring A Virtual Assistant On OdeskMy Profile

    • The article is very informative.
      just wondering if the community has Va’s that have experience working with real estate investors and agents?

      • Hi Mahmoud,

        I’ve had experience working as a VA for Realtors based in Canada and US. I’m actually looking for a job now if you’re hiring.

        • Hi if you are still looking please let me know, and/or if you know someone that do, again let me know.


          • I am looking for someone to manage my online lead generation.
            Not just mange it, but cultivate the leads as they come in to convert them to actual clients.
            Initially, this would be the primary function and later on, I could add other jobs like social media, especially facebooking.
            please advise.

          • Hi Gus,

            I am currently looking for work as a Virtual assistant. Should you still be looking for one, you may find my skills and experience beneficial for you.

            Thank You.

  20. DO NOT READ OR SHARE THIS! Nica, must be kept as our secret. Intelligent, Knowledgeable, Efficient a Pleasure to work with- the solution to advance our interests. I must testify I am a very satisfied Client of Nica- . Tary, President- now, remember, delete this comment & do not forward. Quiet please!

  21. Hi Nica,

    Thank you for posting..

    I really like to be a VA but how?
    I dnt have any formal computer course in my education. Can I ask for your help?

    thank you.

    • Hi Salve, you can be VA even if you’re not a graduate of a computer course.

      • ivan julius madrid says:

        nica how can i get an employer? I had been working as an assistant since december, but I have a Filipina employer. Her supposed to be work is being passed to me. In that case, the salary is being decreased. I just want to have my own employer so that i can have the full and the right salary for my work.. thanks, hope you can help me with it. Salamat.

  22. Great writing style. Subscribed

  23. Great job, your article can help a lot, as a VA we need a salary that can suitable for our work, your post can help to less conversation between a VA and the clients. Thank you!

  24. I know that there are plenty of people out there who are struggling financially. Just a few short months ago, I was in the same boat. Hopefully, I can help someone who happens to be in the same boat and by chance happened to land at, for one reason or another. I will give you some help by letting you in on the same thing that a close friend showed me a few months ago. I have made a video that shows you how to fairly easily make over $200 each day. Plus, it can be scaled up to make even more money. In fact, it can go as high as $1,000 per day, and that is every single day, weekends included, without touching a thing. Watch my video and see for yourself…

  25. Great article Nica. I just shared it on Twitter. Thanks for doing this research!
    David Frey – recently posted..How To Become the Highest Paid, Least Working Consultant In Your NicheMy Profile

  26. I am in the process of hiring a VA so this was very useful information. It saddens me to hear the $1.00 pay as well. It is through social channels that those tactics get squashed. Thanks for the awareness. If you can get me some information on your VA program, I would appreciate it. I run a small real estate team and could use help in different areas.
    Diane recently posted..Have You Backed Up Your Home?My Profile

  27. Hi Nica,

    The $1 rate really saddens me. I have been a VA for quite sometime too and it’s just sad to know that many Filipinos are still doing cheap labor.

    It’s even worse to know that even local clients (agencies) don’t really realize or pay as much as what their workers are really worth.
    Jonha | recently posted..General Motors’ Ads May Return to FacebookMy Profile

    • It saddens me too, Jonha. But I understand why some people would choose to work at that rate. The need to earn is often times more imperative than your principle. Kapit sa patilim, sabi nga nila.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  28. outsourcing is such a great idea
    thank you for opening our eyes

  29. Hello:

    Interesting article. Here in the US the Outsource Guru’s do NOT tell us about the following:

    Phil-Health Contribution
    PAG-IBIG Contribution

    In your calculations… are you expecting the Overseas contracting company to make those contributions?

    If so, how? If not, who is going to make the payments?

    We typically issue a W-8BEN US tax form to Filipino VA’s otherwise we would have to collect US employment taxes.

    We typically start newly hired VA’s between PHP 12-15k inclusive of ALL fees and charges. But with experience and performance those rates might easily climb to 20-30k. Yes we pay 13th month in December and allow flexible vacation time.

    Is this reasonable?


    Clikglobal LLC

    • Hi Craig, thank you for your input/question. Here’s my answer to your questions “In your calculations… are you expecting the Overseas contracting company to make those contributions? If so, how? If not, who is going to make the payments?

      It is the VA who has to pay for that. SSS, PAG-IBIG, and Philhealth all offer an option for members to pay voluntarily as self-employed members. I added those in my calculations because, like I said, that’s necessary for a Filipino worker to have. They allow Filipinos to make loans (salary, sickness, calamity, housing) and act as their “savings account” because let’s face it, saving is not a FILIPINO trait. Most Filipinos live paycheck to paycheck.

      Now, it is your Filipino VA whether he/she will remit those payments to the said agencies. If you really want to make sure that they are paying these, ask for a receipt.

      What I am trying to point out here is that if you really care about your VAs and their welfare, be more aware about these things because they are very important. And believe me, your VA love you for giving the extra $5-a-month for PAGIBIG.

      • Hi Nica!I stumbled on your discussion and I find it very informative. I myself have been doing research on VAs and I would like share some points too.The inputs from your readers are also very helpful for aspiring VAs. The math you presented is close to being realistic. Companies hiring VAs might also consider including health benefits ( e.g healthcard coverage)as additional compensation. Compared to BPOs who offer starting salary of 16k+ depending on experience, I say opting the services of VAs are more cost efficient. Of course VAs need to know what services they specialize and offer so they can negotiate a better rate. Self improvement in their craft is also another thing VAs should keep in mind. Their portfolio and projects will give potential employers an overview of how well they can provide service and help the business. There are many employers who would generously compensate very efficient VAs because of the help and service VAs give to their businesses. VAs also have to consider the competitive industry, we have VAs from all over the world,each offering different rates with a variety of specialization. But that should not keep us behind in the industry. Fiipinos are hard working, diligent, committed and have good command of the English language.I say for startups $3.50/hr is not bad rate for beginner VAs,plus the other benefits that comes with the proposal(SSS,Philhealth,Pag ibig,healthcard)that’s approximately 22k for 8hrs work 20 days in a month. But we all know we can still stretch our energies to accommodate additional hours, so roughly between 30-40k. Not bad di ba?And VAs can still propose a rate of $4 and above (some expert VAs have rates as high as $15-20/hr)So to the PHL VA community,I salute you for a job well done.

  30. Hi Nica,

    Your post is absolutely wonderful. I actually never considered the cost of primary Internet, backup Internet and electrical power consumption as elements that a self-employed home-based VA must pay. And you’re absolutely right.

    I’ve experienced paying people at the low end and higher up. There is an obvious quality difference even by climbing up the pay scale 20-30%. The people working at 18k+ can write in much better English, they are generally more organized, and more able to solve their own problems (or at least try to solve them) before coming and reporting in to the boss.

    I’d love to invite you to write a guest post at if you’re up to it. I love your writing style.


    • Hi Chris! Thank you for sharing your experience. You get what you pay for is a good mantra to follow when outsourcing to the Philippines. I myself have hired lower-paid VAs when my plate is full and learned this costly lesson. Now, if I have something to subcontract, I make sure I pay generously based on skill and experience.

      And yes, I would love to write a guest post for you. Will get in touch by email.

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    Any questions, we are here to help. ;)

  32. What a thoughtful and informative post! This will be a great help for those who want to try this industry or switch over to this career.
    Thank you for sharing!
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  33. Helpful info there :) no easy money nowadays…
    Jona recently posted..Can Boys Get Head Lice?My Profile

  34. This is a great piece of information, Nica! A lot of friends are trying to make ends meet and they are trying out some VA work. They’ve been asking me what’s a good rate to price their services… So now I’ll be pointing them to this article.

  35. I really want to try working as VA however the work demands much of my time which I couldn’t give. I could not compromise spending my spare time with my 4-month old baby :)
    jackie recently posted..#152/366 BPC: Flawless Face You Want?My Profile

  36. too much info for me. Abacus pa kc ako hehehe…. I’m trying to learn about making money online and I think I’ll bookmark this for future references. :)

  37. Should I consider being a VA now? Would I be able to lounge around someplace if I quit my job? Oh these are tough times. XD Thanks for this.
    Shadz recently posted..Livin’ la vida LaiyaMy Profile

  38. I’ve been trying to find a steady online job for months now but to no luck. Wish I can go fro employee to business owner too!
    Thess Enriquez recently posted..My New Beauty RegimenMy Profile

  39. Thanks for sharing!

    Helpful ito sa mga baguhang VAs na obvious naman lugi sa offer sa kanila.

    May iba kasi nag-o-offer 1.5 per hour and they assign SEO tasks and the like, haller di ba!?
    Mitchteryosa recently posted..4-way Pull Barbie School BagMy Profile

  40. I am always underpaid. Thanks for this valuable information.
    Miss `Chievous recently posted..Because I Can’t Have InstagramMy Profile

  41. This is great information, I hope VA will know their true market value.
    Jerminix recently posted..A Blast from the Past in CebuMy Profile

  42. Hmm this is really interesting, thank you for sharing your computations. Those of us who are thinking of this as another income source are definitely enlightened at the opportunity that VA’ing offers.

  43. Very nice presentation. Sobrang informative. Helpful not only sa employer, but also sa employee.

  44. how i wish! That’s why i quit my VA job because the pay is not worth it.
    cam sur guides recently posted..PNR’s Bicol Express and Mayon Express Train , Schedules and PricesMy Profile

  45. Very informative. I am interested in online job so this really helped me a lot.
    Marinella recently posted..Exchange AdsMy Profile

  46. This is realistic quantitative figures presentation of a Filipino VA should receive and spend for his/her daily basic needs. This is a very good analysis. Kudos!
    Gil Camporazo recently posted..How To Steal a Kiss and Have a Sleepless NightMy Profile

  47. great presentation! now I have an idea of the rates. having this computation also helps me as someone who’s currently seeking for a daytime job.
    theresa recently posted..Join Dozen Daybreak x Firmoo International Giveaway!My Profile

  48. Very informative post. Those who are applying as VAs should also look into this so they’ll have an idea how much they should be receiving.

  49. Hi, Nica! I’ve never worked as a VA, but I do share in your pain over clients who think and insist that freelancers should be paid peanuts. But that I’ll put aside for now. ;)

    I agree with everyone else who commented that the rates of a VA would depend on the specialties, knowledge, and experience levels of the person. But nonetheless, it’s good to see a detailed overview of what goes into a VA’s pay. It serves as a guide, because in the end, only you know how much your worth is as a freelancer.

    Kudos to this post!
    Stef Gonzaga recently posted..Win a 1-Year Web Hosting Plan from Solidhosting.phMy Profile

  50. i like the way of presenting the details, calculations, very informative
    jewel recently posted..Tokyo Tokyo New BurgersMy Profile

  51. I read a similar computation before but it’s for how much crafters should price their products. Yours is more extensive as it has SSS-Philhealth etc., contributions & 13th month bonus in mind.

    Nice I’ll bookmark this. :)
    Lady recently posted..Heima: Outdoor storiesMy Profile

  52. Ganito na pala ang rates for VA. Ang alam ko dati, $2 yung binigay sa akin nung boss ko 2 years ago.

  53. thank you for sharing this is helpful especially to new VA .. how i wish i am one of the many virtual assistant here in the Phils.
    Mona recently posted..Makapiling Kang Muli upcoming teleserye on GMA networkMy Profile

  54. When I started to do online freelance jobs, I was really shocked when I saw a lot of desperate freelancers, not just Filipinos, offer less than $1/hour. I mean, how can you even try to match that? It was a sad situation but then again, it depends on the employer if he/she will take the bait. Sometimes, they get what they pay for. Low rate = poor service.
    Kristen recently posted..Quick Meal FixMy Profile

  55. at least now i have an idea how much a VA job rates, i’m also thinking of trying it out…
    yuuki recently posted..Sleep is importantMy Profile

  56. My friends are interested to explore this and i think you gave them great points to ponder
    Kero recently posted..Shopping Breaks in BristolMy Profile

  57. Hi Nica,

    Great post you got there. Informative enough for those who wants to be a VA and for those who wants to hire a VA from the Philippines.
    Daddy Yashiro recently posted..Kids’ Happy MeterMy Profile

  58. what a very interesting topic Sis :-) I think it depends of the skill and the years she/he is working in that company :-) I hope that they will get a raise sooner…
    Jessica Cassidy recently posted..One of our Koi fishMy Profile

  59. i guess the biggest challenge that virtual admins face is how much to charge if they have very little experience, but this post is very interesting and enlightening for me, underpaid pa pala ako nun hahaha. :)
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  60. It’s not easy being a virtual assistant. Hope that you get the rates that you are looking for.
    Dominique@Dominique’s Desk recently posted..Boys and WheelsMy Profile

  61. Great post about the rates. Atleast everyone will have a basis now. So helpful!
    Lizzie recently posted..Getting That Capital To Start Your BusinessMy Profile

  62. Thank you for the detailed computation on how VAs compensation should be. I am in the lookout for a job I can do from home. Would you be kind enough to assist me how this can be done?

    I used to work in the call center industry for almost 4 years though I use the wheelchair full time. However, the shifting schedule has taken a great stall on my health. Thus, I am in search for a job I can do from home. Please email me at inlovewithsunflower at yahoo dot com

    Thank you and kind regards :)

  63. amazing! somebody did the actual math! pricing is one of the challenges i have see that new freelancers encounter. i wish someone would do the same for writing. :D
    helena recently posted..50 Shades of GreyMy Profile

  64. interesting job… hope I can stand being on the comp for long … :)
    Vernz@ My Family Eats and Travels recently posted..WHY ‘HALO-HALO’ HAVE UBE ICE-CREAM ON TOP?My Profile

  65. Hi Nica, Thanks for sharing this detailed calculations on what a reasonable rate for VA’s. VA’s are important for any outsourced business so yes, clients should ensure they give the proper rate for their VA’s.
    Belle recently posted..The First Baguio Blog ConferenceMy Profile

  66. The presentation was very detailed, but if you ask me it is still small. The sad thing about this is that you have to be very good to be highly compensated, Also, SSS, Pag Ibig and Philhealth vary depending on the basic pay. I also would like to know, are taxes not included in the computation, or that will be a separate one ? In the real world, the higher you earn, he higher your taxes are though being single, married, married with dependents will highly affect your pay.

    It pays to be aware on how much one gets to earn.
    sarah recently posted..Wearing My Gray Hair Proud (And Getting Away with It) | AuthspotMy Profile

    • Hi Sarah, thanks for your thoughtful comment. I just love that!

      Only the SSS varies largely depending on the Pay. But as you will in my computation, 1560 is the maximum contribution for any SSS member to make and I used that amount for this computation. PAGIBIG and Philhealth contributions are the same for everyone — regardless of your pay.

      As for taxes, I did not include that in this computation because freelancing VAs do not “Automatically” play taxes. Plus, when you look at it, the employer should not shoulder your taxes.
      Nica Mandigma recently posted..Gabby on MeditationMy Profile

      • Nica, i have read discussions here.basically, i learned about this VA’s over a radio show sa inquirer..(broadcaster/reporter kasi ako) actually googled it immediately n got interested..can u help me start to be a VA?
        1. what training if there is, should i undergo?
        2. Where to look for a VA available part-time?
        3. I am a law grad, nursing grad also…
        Thanks in advance for ur reply…

  67. Thanks for the post.

    I tried to apply at oDesk and I was confused on how to rate myself as a no experience VA. So i just put the price that I think I deserve. But only to found out that I priced too high. Anyway, I haven’t applied for a job yet at oDesk. :-)
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  68. You did a good job presenting this. Thanks for sharing it with us.
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  69. My hubby started work at a full-time VA last August. He thought it would be quite easy but now he found out it was not so easy pala. haha! Brain draining, is what he told me, he’s the writer kasi.

    But we enjoy the perks of his new job like more time with the kids and no more night shift. :)
    Paula recently posted..Top 5 House Cleaning ToolsMy Profile

  70. thanks for your post. very informative wish I had known that when I started. but still if i ever want to do it again I will definitely keep this in mind
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  71. JW actually looked at the minimum wage in the Philippines and by his estimates, $2 an hour is more than the minimum wage. He is generous with his own VAs though. You’re lucky if you find an employer like him.
    Jellybelly recently posted..I Want to Invest but Where?My Profile

    • Hi JellyBelly! Assuming that $2 converts to Php80 that’s Php 640 a day. Now, if you are a regular officer worker receiving full benefits, perhaps that is enough. But I’m coming from an practical, a bit entrepreneurial perspective here. You have to take into account your costs — electricity, etc. If you looked at my computation, you would see that.

      I just want to clarify that I have nothing against James. I love his products. And I bet JW is a generous employer. Most successful people are.

  72. like chrisair, i am interested in this VA job…how i can become a VA?

  73. I guess the sad reality is like what you said, the immediate need it to put food on the table. But I hope it doesn’t stop there and that the entrepreneur mindset would somehow kick in instead of just the employee mindset.
    Aileen recently posted..Workplace WorkoutMy Profile

  74. I like your presentation: organized and clear.
    Kat recently posted..The Charles Schulz PhilosophyMy Profile

  75. thank you for presenting the computation… Filipino VA’s should be paid accordingly

  76. thanks for the useful info. a lot of filipino VA’s were underpaid afaik.
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  79. virtual assistant are awesome job wondering how I can became one
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  80. This is very informative. My wife is considering VA as her home-based work. However, with this information, I think it is not that fair to have that compensation except for you have already the experience and skills.
    allan recently posted..BC BloggersMy Profile

  81. Problem is, people who will accept a really low rate will skew the data for the rest of you.

    But then again, this won’t be a problem if you’ve already invested in yourself, as you said.

    Many people who hire VA’s with specialty already knows the have to pay higher (I hope.)
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  84. thanks for this post. my work at odesk is so far so good. the only problem is that sometimes, you need to lower your rate just to have this job.

  85. I am considering being a VA so I could start working at home but this isn’t possible to me because my son will always interfere with me. What are the requirements for VA, like the PC etc? Thanks.

    Mommy Maye (

  86. thanks for sharing this info. I’m also on the lookout for VA postings, though I’m focusing on fixed rates and not the hourly rate because I also have a full-time job.

  87. This is an informative and thoughtful post. It must have taken you a great deal of time to put it all together. I’m sure it’ll be a huge help to those starting in the industry.
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  89. I guess the rate depends on the confidence, skills and performance of the VA itself! (lol this is our fav topic)

    I don’t have problem if they pay our Filipino VAs with $3 but only if they are just starting up and or a general VA.

    If they have their own niche and specialty. I don’t think $3/hr is enough.
    Valerie Joy Deveza recently posted..14 Twitter Mistakes That May Be Hindering Your ResultsMy Profile

  90. Hi Nica! Thanks for sharing the computations above regarding the usual rates for VAs. Based on experience, as our company usually pays around $3 per hour (for 10 hrs per week work). But yes, it seems that it depends on the VA’s experiences/skills. :)

    The issue on such rate is still debatable, but considering the performance of the VA, perhaps a higher rate range would still be advisable, especially in the growing field of virtual assistance.

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