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As a virtual assistant, I find it imperative to constantly look out for new tools that I can use to carry out tasks that I do fro my clients.  The best way to do that, for me, is go online and search for it.

But my PC is also a treasure trove of wonderful tools.  Yesterday, I did a couple of videos using Windows Movie Maker.  The first one makes use of a video clip of my daughter I took using my phone and the other is a collection of pictures taken from the Kape Isla Farm Tour held last October 2011.  The second video is the more professional one and I am sharing it with you here.

What do you think of the video? I feel good about it though it’s the first time I used Windows Movie Maker to create videos. For my next project, I will combine photos and video clips to make a video. I am excited to see how that turns up.  I already saw an inspiration for the video while watching a home TV shopping ad for what claims to be the best acne treatment on the market. (Yes, I like watching home TV shopping ads in between commercial breaks!)

I wonder whether I should do a tutorial on how to make videos using Windows Movie maker. What do you think?

Are you on a shoestring budget?

Windows Movie Maker demonstrates that we don’t have to invest money just to do videos for your business. This is the perfect tool for the cash-strapped businessman and the virtual assistant to start marketing their products and services. It won’t cost you a cent. All you need is time and patience.

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  1. I saw the review and I like your first attempt on how to create videos using windows movie maker.
    Can I use this as wedding official video? Does the result can have professional image like the one who creates videos on wedding?
    Chinchin recently acne treatmentMy Profile

  2. Hey i need to know this by tommrow i hav to make a commerical 30 sec on movie maker but dnt know how cann youu pleasee helpp mee

    • Hi Ali, what kind of materials are you using? Photos? Slides? Videos? If you are try using Animoto to animate them instantly instead of Movie Maker. The latter is a bit more challenging for newbies.

  3. thank you for sharing with us, I believe this website genuinely stands out : D.

  4. Hi Nica!

    Is that really your 1st video? Well I like that video :)I just spend a few hours on learning to create video with window power point. I have previously used a video robot software to create video its turn out to be bad quality since than I have put a break on making videos.I think Tristan is right, you should start creating ” how to make videos”. Wish you all the best Nica.

  5. I would love to see a tutorial on this. I made my very first video last weekend – just me speaking, nothing fancy – and I muddled through with Windows Movie Maker, but I’m sure it’s much more powerful than I know. For example, I’d love to know how to compress the file so it’s not so large, what are the best settings for YouTube, and how I can change the format.

  6. Hi Nica,
    Kumusta. I think you should definitely do a “How To” video. Will help people to understand. Your video is good. Really liked it.

  7. Hi Nica,
    Great video for one of your first attempts. I admit, I have never used Windows Video Maker before, I tend to use the video maker software on my Flip camera. Will definitely be looking into this.
    Really like your blog and I agree with Tristan about the how-to video – go for it!

    • Hi Claire! Thanks for dropping by. I think you can upload your videos on your flip camera in Windows Movie Maker and add some credits and additional photos. Where do you put your videos?

  8. I like the video, Nica. Definitely not bad for your first one.

    Yeah, you should definitely make a how-to video! I think that’d be great.

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