5 Visual Marketing Tools for the Small Biz Owner

Visual Marketing Tools

“I know I need to use images in my marketing but I don’t know how to use Photoshop and I do not have an artistic bone in my body.” Does this sound like you? If it does, then you have landed at the right blog post! I am not a graphic designer  myself but I […]

Defining Freedom and Adventure

word cloud for freedom and adventure

Mel Gibson always comes to mind when I hear the word freedom. Who could forget that tragic moment in Braveheart when he yelled FREEEEEEDDDDOOOOOMMMMMM to the very last of his breath? That’s one of the most memorable scenes I’ve seen in my life and some of you might think so, too. But enough of that. […]

When Disaster Strikes: You and Your Filipino Virtual Assistant

you and your filipino virtual assistant

Brownouts. No Internet connection. Floods. These are some of the reasons why your Filipino virtual assistant won’t be able to report  for work during the months from July to October. And they’re not lying. The Philippines, being a tropical country in the Typhoon belt, gets ravaged by at least six storms a year.  And each […]

How Much Should You Pay Your Filipino Virtual Assistant?

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The subject of how much a virtual boss should pay a Filipino virtual assistant has been the center of much controversy and discussion. On one hand, we have outsourcing pros like Chris C. Ducker of Virtual Business Lifestyle and James Wedmore of Video Traffic Academy saying that you can pay your virtual assistant as low […]

UNC Releases Whitepaper on Managing Virtual Teams

managing virtual teams

One of my goals this year is to establish a virtual assistant team to provide virtual support to entrepreneurs and small business owners in the areas of online marketing, social media, and search engine optimization (SEO) so that they can run successful online businesses.  Managing virtual teams is inherently part of this dream and something […]

SMART Goals for The Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant blogs

In a previous about the importance of planning, I’ve discussed how planning can prevent your business from getting stuck and you, as business owner, from overwhelm.  Now, I will be sharing with you the SMART goals that I have for this blog and my virtual assistant business for 2012 as well as  how I arrived […]

Tired of Shopping? Get Yourself a Virtual Online Shopping Assistant

virtual personal shopper

So you want to give your younger sibling an entry-level yet feature-rich point and shoot camera for Christmas.   As for yourself, you wouldn’t mind spending some decent money on the latest mirror-less camera, a tablet computer for dad and mom, and a hard-to-find comic book video game for your BFF.   They are within […]

No Time to Shop? That’s What a VA is for!

hire a virtual personal assistant

In a previous post, I wrote about how you can have a virtual assistant buy Christmas gifts for your family, friends, and associates. With so many online stores around, it’s so easy to pass this very personal chore to your virtual personal assistant.    But that’s not just what you can ask your virtual assistant […]

The Virtual Assistant’s Books

blogging assistant

While Typhoon Juaning wreaking havoc in the southern provinces of the Philippines, I finally got around to organizing my books. About 70% is romance, while the rest are self-help books, parenting books, and books that have been helpful to me as a virtual online assistant.  Except for the Excel 2007 book and Janette Toral’s Blogging […]