Global Bruce Force Attack on WordPress

system status report from Better Wordpress Security plugin

The Internet is abuzz today with reports of a global brute force attack on WordPress sites. I first heard of this a couple of days ago on a Facebook group I belong to. I didn’t act on it then because  I have pretty hard to guess password. But after learning that this attack specifically targets […]

Jupiter Jim on Working with a WordPress Virtual Assistant

Wordpress: The Best CMS Infographic from Jupiter Jim

Fact: More than 60 million people all over the world use WordPress as their content management system (CMS). Fact: Millions of small business web sites are built on WordPress, whether their owners  know it or not. Fact: Many entrepreneurs and small business owners need a WordPress virtual assistant to help them maintain their web sites […]

Speed Up Your WordPress Site Using Better Delete Revision

delete wordpress post revisions

One of the features of WordPress is that it saves a copy of your post or page every single time that you update it. If you have a hundred of posts and you at least saved a draft of your post twice, that’s 200 post revisions stored in your WordPress database that you don’t really […]

27 Sources of Totally FREE WordPress Themes


They say there’s no such thing as free lunch.  They may be right but I do know that there are FREE WordPress themes. For this post, I’m showcasing 27 WP designers/design studios where you can get hundreds of totally FREE WordPress themes ever built. These studios/designers sell their designs but give us frugal ones a […]

17 Awesome Web Sites You Can Do With WordPress

awesome wordpress

WordPress has come a long way… a very, very long way. It started out as personal blogging platform but now it’s being used for corporate web sites, online directories, personal portfolios, etc. The possibilities are plenty and from the standpoint of a passionate blogger, they’re just awesome.  Just to give you an idea of how […]

Win a Web Site Package Giveaway!

win a free web site

October is a very special month for me. Not only is it my birthday month, but it’s also the anniversary month of this blog. It will be turning two years old this October 28 and as a thank you to every one who has supported this blog and my journey as a virtual online assistant, […]

Why Small Business Owners Should Use WordPress

wordpress for small business

One of my clients is into e-commerce. He sells coffee, cigar, sugar, clothing, porcelain and other merchandise items through his online stores. He still plans on developing more stores and has asked my opinion on whether he should stick with the content management system he is using

WordPress Tutorial Coming Right Up!

virtual assistant tutorial

I’ve been getting inquries on this blog about how to get started as a virtual assistant and the truth is, I don’t know exactly what to tell them. You see, I became a home-based virtual assistant by accident. I was just browsing a blog and I saw that they are in need for virtual assistants […]

Sleep Peacefully With WordPress Backup to Dropbox

best wordpress backup plugin

 I was checking up on tourism web site I created for a domestic client about two months ago. It’s a magazine type web site I created using a Theme-Junkie template. After two weeks  of daily emails and exchange of ideas, I turned over the site to them for their launch. They were going to debut […]

Tweet Old Posts: A Must Have WordPress Plugin

Tweet Old Posts in Worpdress

A year ago, I wasn’t too concerned about expanding the reach of my blog beyond the regular readers (who are mostly friends) and the occasional visitor. But as I gained more confidence as a blogger,  I realized that my posts are good enough to share. So I added social sharing WordPress plugins to all my […]