How to Create a Google Calendar Event from Gmail

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Scheduling appointments is something that we all do on a daily basis. Some prefer using a planner, while the savvy ones use an online calendar like Google Calendar. I personally use both: I add important client consultation and meetings on my daily planner from Belle de Jour. I also add it to my Google Calendar […]

Experimenting With Keyword Research

keyword research techniques

I have always said that I am very fortunate to have gotten an Internet marketer as my very first client as a virtual assistant. True, I wasn’t a freelancer when I started working for him but even as that company dissolved its VA department, that client remained one of mine. In fact, we have met […]

What a Video Virtual Assistant Should Know

In my post “Just Another Set of 2011 Goals for The Virtual Assistant,” I mentioned that I will invest in myself by spending time to learn new skills. And I have been doing that often since the year started. But today, I spent hours honing my video creation and distribution skills. To do that, I […]

What Kind of Virtual Assistant Are You?

In my experience, rarely do freelance virtual assistants offer a full range of services to their clients. When I say “full range of services,” I mean  ALL VA services, including administrative services, Internet marketing services, personal assistance services, and more. So let’s try to identify what kind of virtual online assistants are there and what […]

Do You Have What it Takes to be a VA?

Being a virtual assistant is not easy. There would be times that you’d be swamped with work that you barely have time to take a break, even during weekends and holidays. On my first year, there’d be times when I’d be barely sleeping at all because I took too much work. Other times you’d be […]

Learn Cad Drawing

Looking at Craiglist job postings, there is a high demand for online workers who are good at graphics design and drawing. Virtual assistants who are skilled at such would make a killing in times like this. Those are not skilled in this area would do well to acquire drawing or design skills. For those who […]

Free Resume Templates for WAHMs and Freelancers

One of the benefits of working at home as a virtual assistant is that I don’t have to commute everyday.  In the same manner, I don’t have to travel to submit job applications and appear at job interviews.  However,  I do need to write a good cover letter and eye catching resume. When I graduated […]

Protecting Client Data and Your Work

As a virtual assistant, I have worked with U.S. clients who trusted me with their personal information, including their credit card information. Because I was concerned about the security of such confidential and sensitive data, I never stored it in my computer. Instead, I wrote them down in my planner or notebook that I store […]

Virtual Assistants Should Get Into Social Networking

I recently re-established communication with a virtual assistant that I subcontract for in Canada. After discussing tasks through email, she asked how am I doing with my social media and if I know anyone who’s good at social networking, SEO and Internet marketing.  I wasn’t able to recommend anyone who’d fall within her budget and […]

Be a Virtual Assistant, Surf the Internet

becoming a virtual assistant

My job is cool! I work at home without the pressures of a boss. I can work as little as I want to without someone peering over me, checking to see if I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. I can work as much as I want to without someone worrying about […]