20 Quotes to Inspire Your New Year

new year quote

My New Year is off to a slow start.  I’ve been reading one historical fiction book after another so I feel like I’m trapped in the 15th century. I even extended my self-imposed hiatus because I was still in my vacation mood and too unfocused to work. Then Monday came and I had to drag […]

Blogapalooza 2013: See you there!

Blogapalooza Manila

Here’s one reason to be excited! I’m one of the hundred bloggers chosen to be part of Blogapalooza 2013. This is a an event where influential bloggers and businesses converge so that the latter  can showcase their products. After the event, bloggers blog about  their fave products and brands, spreading awareness  among their readers. This […]

Challenges in Pursuing Location Independence

location independence

I feel extremely blessed to have a job that allows me to work from anywhere as long as I have a computer and an Internet connection.  Back when I still had a laptop, I was able to work in a nipa hut at a resort while my daughter was swimming a few yards away from […]

I’m Going to Be a Techie Island Girl!

virtual assistant lifestyle

“To wake up to the sound of birds chirping and gentle waves hitting the beach, that’s what I would like tomorrow.” Then I would have a light breakfast on the patio as the sun gets higher.  Also on the table is my laptop and my planner.  I check on my emails as I sip on […]

Interactive Google Doodles Are Fun!

play interactive google doodles

I don’t know about you, but I don’t get much playtime when I’m working.  There’s always something else to do in between tasks — tidy the house, cook, etc. Last night, I got a quick and pleasant reprieve from work playing an interactive Google doodle. I had fun hitting the piñata or  “pabitin”  as we […]

6 Must Read Blogs for Virtual Assistants

Definition of blog

When I started my career as a VA, I really  read a lot of blogs by and for virtual assistants. They helped me survive my first year as a VA and comforted me at times when I really felt like quitting and going back to the grind of 8 to 5 work. I am sharing […]

I won a Scholarship to the Mad Biz School 2012

Janine Ogg and Jo Foster of LoveYourSmallBusiness.com

For the last few months, I’ve been really pondering about my virtual assistant business. I’ve been doing this for more than four years and I really think it’s now time to up my game and work on growing the business. My dream is to have a multi-VA setup, a virtual assistant team if you will, […]

Secrets of Virtual Assistant Success… Revealed!

work from home as a virtual assistant

Do you want to know some secrets? Yes, not just one – but more. All the secrets of virtual assistant success and earning passive income will be finally revealed. We’re spilling the beans on what will it take to make you a success in the virtual assistance industry. Learn the ropes, uncover all the various […]

The Virtual Assistant Goes to the Social Media Summit 2012

Social Media Summit 2012 Philippines

Allow me to deviate from my usual post by announcing that I will be participating in the Social Media Summit 2012 happening at the Bayanihan Center in Pasig City tomorrow, July 26, 2012. I won one of 10 tickets given away by Unilab  to this event.   Here are the presentations lined up for the event. Social Media, what? […]

How to Create a Google Calendar Event from Gmail

gmail tips and tricks

Scheduling appointments is something that we all do on a daily basis. Some prefer using a planner, while the savvy ones use an online calendar like Google Calendar. I personally use both: I add important client consultation and meetings on my daily planner from Belle de Jour. I also add it to my Google Calendar […]