Speed Up Your WordPress Site Using Better Delete Revision

delete wordpress post revisions

One of the features of WordPress is that it saves a copy of your post or page every single time that you update it. If you have a hundred of posts and you at least saved a draft of your post twice, that’s 200 post revisions stored in your WordPress database that you don’t really […]

How to use Pin a Quote (Share As Image)

how to pin a quote to pinterest

In a previous post ,  I demonstrated how to create pinnable quotes.  For this post I am going to show how you can Pin a Quote to Pinterest using a tool developed by Adam Rotman, a creative web strategist. This is one of my favorite Pinterest tools because it saves  me a lot of time and […]

How to Use the Google Meme Generator

hire a virtual assistant

We’re living in a very visual economy nowadays. Offline we have jaw-dropping billboards and posters in every possible space. Online, we see image ads on almost all the site we visit. This trend is something that you should be using in marketing your business online and the Google Meme Generator can help you make this task […]

Sleep Peacefully With WordPress Backup to Dropbox

best wordpress backup plugin

 I was checking up on tourism web site I created for a domestic client about two months ago. It’s a magazine type web site I created using a Theme-Junkie template. After two weeks  of daily emails and exchange of ideas, I turned over the site to them for their launch. They were going to debut […]

How to add Your URL to Google

search engine optimization virtual assistant

One of my tasks as a search engine optimization virtual assistant is to make sure that search engine spiders are crawling my client’s web site. If it’s a new web site or blog, you have to submit it to the search engines so that search engines will index the site and appear in search results. […]

How to Delete a Facebook Page

delete Facebook page

When Facebook first introduced Facebook fan pages, many businesses and bloggers scrambled to get their own without giving it much thought. Now that we know more about Facebook and how it can be used for marketing, many created new Facebook business pages. Such is the case of a client who have two Facebook fan pages […]