Timeline for Facebook Pages: Numbers You Need to Remember

Timeline for Facebook Pages

By the end of this month, Timeline for Facebook pages would be inevitable. Every page, whether their admins like it or not, would get timeline. Popular brands and personalities in social media, e.g. Coco Cola, Mari Smith, and Amy Porterfield, were the first ones to voluntarily adapt timeline as was expected. Majority are waiting for […]

When Eagerness is a BAD Thing: Facebook Marketing Gone Wild

how not to do facebook marketing

WARNING:  This post contains adult material. I felt it necessary to warn you, my dear readers, that this is not the usual post that you will read here. Admittedly, I’m not always a ray of sunshine when I write posts or make comments in Facebook. But I don’t seek out to intentionally offend someone. But […]

How to Allow People to Subscribe to You in Facebook

facebook subscribe button

Every time Facebook rolls out  changes, there’s bound to be a lot of buzz of around it.  But one update that caught my fancy now and which I find truly interesting is the Subscribe button. Personally, I haven’t seen anyone who has activated this new Facebook feature probably because it’s a new (duh!) and people are […]

How to Delete a Facebook Page

delete Facebook page

When Facebook first introduced Facebook fan pages, many businesses and bloggers scrambled to get their own without giving it much thought. Now that we know more about Facebook and how it can be used for marketing, many created new Facebook business pages. Such is the case of a client who have two Facebook fan pages […]

Get 25 New Fans For Your Facebook Fan Page Daily

Okay. So everyone here wants to have more likers in their Facebook Fan Page. Right? Those who don’t, please look to your right and check out my other posts. They’re products of passion and I’m sure you’ll get something from them. Those who do want to get more likers, please continue reading! I can guarantee […]

8 Places to List Your Facebook Fan Page

One of the services that I offer my clients is social media promotion and that includes creating and promoting their Facebook fan pages.  Thus, I am always on the lookout for articles on how to promote your Facebook fan page. However, I noticed though that most of these articles don’t mention anything about Facebook fan […]

Use Facebook as a Page and Other New Features

Today, I received an email notification from Facebook with the following subject line:  Special Announcement & Weekly Facebook Page Update.  I don’t know about you but I get really excited to open this kind of email because it gives me a quick overview of what’s happening on my Facebook page, including those that I am […]