Social Media is Like… Gardening.

Closeup of a Dark Pink Rose in Bloom

My mom wonders why I buy plants. You see, I am no green thumb and all the plants I bought over the years died within a week after purchasing them. The last plant I bought was a miniature cactus that you can put on your desk. The lady who sold it to me said it’s […]

Tips to Increase Your Social Media Capital

The Virtual Assistant with Stef, Valerie, and Kevin

Lessons from Social Media Day 2012 – Makati Filipinos proved that the Philippines is indeed the social media capital of the world with the recently concluded Social Media Day 2012. Around 440 netizens attended the celebration in Makati, exceeding the expectations of the event organizers, Tonyo Cruz and Ros Juan. What I found interesting is Tonyo’s […]

How to use Pin a Quote (Share As Image)

how to pin a quote to pinterest

In a previous post ,  I demonstrated how to create pinnable quotes.  For this post I am going to show how you can Pin a Quote to Pinterest using a tool developed by Adam Rotman, a creative web strategist. This is one of my favorite Pinterest tools because it saves  me a lot of time and […]

Top 5 tips to start social marketing

Image: Stuart Miles /

The emergence of social networking platforms has ensured the presence of multiple avenues for marketing. The issue now is not the lack of avenues but the strategy to be followed to ensure maximum impact on the target market segment. Creating profiles on various social networking portals and randomly posting company and products related data on […]

How to Create Pinnable Quotes


Pinterest is the hottest social media tool around. If you don’t believe me, ask the millions of women, aged 25-34, who visit Pinterest in an average of 97.8 minutes per month since January 2012. Consequently, where there are potential customers, there are the marketers. I’m aware that there’s a small percentage of bloggers out there […]

Timeline for Facebook Pages: Numbers You Need to Remember

Timeline for Facebook Pages

By the end of this month, Timeline for Facebook pages would be inevitable. Every page, whether their admins like it or not, would get timeline. Popular brands and personalities in social media, e.g. Coco Cola, Mari Smith, and Amy Porterfield, were the first ones to voluntarily adapt timeline as was expected. Majority are waiting for […]

Where to Register a Domain Name


One thing that has concerned one of my clients lately is his getting a domain name. He already has domain name in mind but cannot decide where to register it. He’s looking for a cheap domain name registrar and asked my opinion about it. I recommended 1&  Here’s why: It’s cheaper than GoDaddy.  As of […]

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

failing to plan is planning to fail

Let me tell you how I came up with the title for this post. I was browsing at the meat section of a supermarket with my daughter when we noticed the attendants not-so silently arguing about something written on a  sheet of white paper. It contained the proverb “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail” […]

When Eagerness is a BAD Thing: Facebook Marketing Gone Wild

how not to do facebook marketing

WARNING:  This post contains adult material. I felt it necessary to warn you, my dear readers, that this is not the usual post that you will read here. Admittedly, I’m not always a ray of sunshine when I write posts or make comments in Facebook. But I don’t seek out to intentionally offend someone. But […]

Don’t be a Faceless Commenter, Use Gravatar

blog commenting

Can you guess what makes my day as a blogger? Yes, you’re right! Comments. I absolutely love getting comments and get excited when I see notifications in my inbox that I have received one. But do you know what I love more? Getting comments from people with pictures. It makes me want to give a […]