9 Sites Where You Can Download Stock Photos for Free

download stock photos for free

The rise of Pinterest and Instagram has prompted a more visual approach to online marketing. I should know because clients are now asking for photos to accompany their Facebook updates and to upload branded images into Pinterest. While I am all for using photos, I find it a bit challenging two reasons. The first reason […]

How to use Pin a Quote (Share As Image)

how to pin a quote to pinterest

In a previous post ,  I demonstrated how to create pinnable quotes.  For this post I am going to show how you can Pin a Quote to Pinterest using a tool developed by Adam Rotman, a creative web strategist. This is one of my favorite Pinterest tools because it saves  me a lot of time and […]

How to Create Pinnable Quotes


Pinterest is the hottest social media tool around. If you don’t believe me, ask the millions of women, aged 25-34, who visit Pinterest in an average of 97.8 minutes per month since January 2012. Consequently, where there are potential customers, there are the marketers. I’m aware that there’s a small percentage of bloggers out there […]

How to Use the Google Meme Generator

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We’re living in a very visual economy nowadays. Offline we have jaw-dropping billboards and posters in every possible space. Online, we see image ads on almost all the site we visit. This trend is something that you should be using in marketing your business online and the Google Meme Generator can help you make this task […]

6 Totally FREE Animated GIF Makers

coffee pots

 Here’s the case: client saw a moving banner in a competitor web site and wants the same thing for his own.  He wants three 120 x 90 pixel images to rotate every five seconds. This would serve as thumbnails for categories on his site. 

Don’t Let Others Steal Your Identity

social media marketing virtual assistant

When I was  social media newbie, I had the eagerness of a young pup. I signed up for social media sites like a thirsty puppy lapping a bowl of milk: voraciously. And when you let such a strong impulse get the better of you, you tend to think about immediate gratification/satisfaction and not about the […]

HOT!!! Arkli, Your Social Media Campaign Manager

social camapaign manager

Twice today I’ve come up across Arkli, another app for managing social media campaigns. The first instance is a fellow virtual online assistant updating her Facebook status via Arkli. The next is an email from Erin Blaskie about this new social campaign manager.  Since she is someone whose opinion I value, I decided to check […]

Free Article Spinning Software

free article spinning software

Article spinning is a practice that many Internet marketers and affiliate marketers employ to create multiple versions of an article or blog post. According to Wikipedia, it’s widely used in search engine optimization and is better than duplicating content.  Done manually, it is a very taxing and time consuming task. But with the help of […]

Sugar Sync Saves the Day!

sugarsync reviews

The online world is very malicious. I am referring to the millions of malicious software that invade as many computer systems a day and corrupt their files and programs. Eventually, malware will ultimately take its toll on your computer and disable it. I know because I experienced this about a month ago. I managed to […]

From Word to Spreadsheet: A Microsoft Excel 2007 Tutorial

microsoft excel 2007 tips

One of  my local clients is a preschool owner. As part of the Internet marketing package she signed up for, I told the owner that I would be assigning personalized email addresses to her students for use of their parents.  Early this week, she gave me a list of their students with their desired personalized […]