Link building with Jason Acidre

link building with jason acidre

Clients often come to me asking for ideas on how we can optimize their web sites and I always recommend link building to them aside from on-page SEO. With clients who are already familiar with it, they usually ask for specific strategies to do this. Those who aren’t need more a little bit more explanation. […]

More on When to Hire an SEO Virtual Assistant: Interview with Sean Si

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In my post When to hire an SEO virtual assistant, I tried to answer this question: Would you recommend hiring those expensive SEO companies that charge $150-500/ month? Is it worth doing and would it be faster?  I was speaking from my experience and my dealings with people who came to me for help. But […]

5 Basic SEO Tasks to Outsource to a Virtual Asisstant

San Agustin Church in Intramuros

My daughter and I visited the walled city of Intramuros with a couple of friends recently. This fortress was the seat of the Philippine government during the Spanish colonial period and is the location of San Agustin Church, the oldest church still standing in the country.  The bells of this impressive church rang while we […]

When to Hire an SEO Virtual Assistant

Harry Potter under the sorting hat and wishing for a #1 web site in Google

A reader of my blog got in touch with me recently through my Facebook fan page  and we began exchanging notes about SEO.  One of his questions really made me think and it’s something that is on the mind of a lot of people these days. His question was this:  Would you recommend hiring those […]

Why You Should Make Blog Commenting A Daily Habit

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If you’re looking for a very effective way to drive traffic to your site, try commenting on blogs. Leaving sensible, relevant comments on other blogs help establish your expertise, expand your readership, and ultimately land you new clients. It’s also good for search engine optimization. Below are some screenshots from my Google Analytics account that will […]

DIY SEO #3: Submit Your Site to Kacsa

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Welcome to another post in the DIY SEO series. This time, we’ve got another free web directory to submit to: Kacsca Web Directory. Unlike and Adwalker, Kacsca allows seo virtual assistants to submit links as well as articles for free, Thus, it’s not only good for link building but for article marketing as well.  […]

DIY SEO#2: Submit Your Site to Adwalker

adwalker free web directory

Link building should be a continuous  and consistent effort. Thus, I resolve to submit The Virtual Assistant Blog to free web directories at least once a day. For today, I am submitting to Adwalker. This web directory accepts both paid and free submissions. For free submissions,you can choose to submit regular links or regular links with […]

DIY SEO #1: Submit Your Site to


Two weeks ago, Google updated it’s page rank algorithm and this blog dropped from PR 3 to PR 2. I really shouldn’t be worried because I’ve got good keywords and The Virtual Assistant is still on page 1 of Google search engine results for “virtual online assistant” and “the virtual assistant“, the two keywords that […]

How to add Your URL to Google

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One of my tasks as a search engine optimization virtual assistant is to make sure that search engine spiders are crawling my client’s web site. If it’s a new web site or blog, you have to submit it to the search engines so that search engines will index the site and appear in search results. […]