How to Create a Google Calendar Event from Gmail

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Scheduling appointments is something that we all do on a daily basis. Some prefer using a planner, while the savvy ones use an online calendar like Google Calendar. I personally use both: I add important client consultation and meetings on my daily planner from Belle de Jour. I also add it to my Google Calendar […]

Two Ways to Add Gmail Signature

how to add gmail signature

Here’s an interesting question that a client asked me recently: “How do I add signature to Gmail?” It confused me for a second but then I realized that my client wanted to add signatures to the end of her emails like the one I have on mine. I’ll share with  you the tips I have […]

How to Use the Google Meme Generator

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We’re living in a very visual economy nowadays. Offline we have jaw-dropping billboards and posters in every possible space. Online, we see image ads on almost all the site we visit. This trend is something that you should be using in marketing your business online and the Google Meme Generator can help you make this task […]

Do More With Gmail Labs

I’m a Gmail fan. I can’t stress that enough. It’s FREE, fast, and easy to use. Even my mom who’s not into technology favors it over Yahoo Mail because it’s “faster.” And with Gmail Labs,  you can enable  so many features that will make Gmail responsive to your needs and preferences. So what Gmail features have […]