What’s Next for This Virtual Assistant Blog

Keep Calm and Write a Blog

When I first started this  virtual assistant blog, I just wanted a place to share my experiences as a VA. It was born at a time when I worked for a company and being a full-time VA was very stressful. Writing took away the stress and it was a lot cheaper than seeing a therapist. […]

9 Ways to Publicize Your Blog Post

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Why Bloggers Fail is  one of my favorite posts from Derek Halpern of Social Triggers. In this post, Derek advices that bloggers use the 80-20 principle – yes, the Pareto principle – in promoting content. With a twist. Instead of spending 80% of your time creating content, Derek says that you should spend it promoting […]

A Return to Blogging

31 days to a better blog book cover

Note: This post is my entry for Day 1 of my 31 Day Blogging Challenge. I started blogging in May 2008. My journey began with a personal blog and this blog, The Virtual Assistant, was born 17 months after. The date was October 28, 2009 — the same month I was laid off from the […]

Top 11 Posts of 2011

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The past year has been a prolific year for this blog. I wrote more than a hundred posts this year  and some of them were really popular with the readers. I’m making a list of 11 of the most popular blog posts for  2011 so I can plan ahead of time what sort of posts […]

Don’t be a Faceless Commenter, Use Gravatar

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Can you guess what makes my day as a blogger? Yes, you’re right! Comments. I absolutely love getting comments and get excited when I see notifications in my inbox that I have received one. But do you know what I love more? Getting comments from people with pictures. It makes me want to give a […]

A Simple WordPress Theme for Your Online Store

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I love freebies (Who doesn’t?) and if you’re a fan of totally free WordPress themes like I am, you’d be excited with this news. WooThemes has released a brand new WordPress plugin and several themes for an e-commerce store. One of the themes is called Wootique and in order to make it work, you need […]

WordPress Tutorial Coming Right Up!

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I’ve been getting inquries on this blog about how to get started as a virtual assistant and the truth is, I don’t know exactly what to tell them. You see, I became a home-based virtual assistant by accident. I was just browsing a blog and I saw that they are in need for virtual assistants […]

Say "NO" to Hotlinking

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Lately, I have been managing WordPress blogs for several clients.  One of those clients is  a self-proclaimed Luddite, which means (and this is according to her) that she’s a bit wary about new technology.  But she knows that she has to use these tools to grow her business and so she does not mind using […]

This Blog Is Under Renovation!

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For a few weeks now, the blog has been under “pause.” I have been so busy attending to clients  and learning whatever I can about this new niche that I seem to be fitting right in to.  I apologize to those who have visited the blog over the past weeks and didn’t find new content. […]

Your Blog Horoscope: Post Today….

Do you follow the horoscope? I do or at least I used to. Sometimes the forecasts are so vague they’re ridiculous.  At other times they proved to be true. Anyway, I was reading my horoscope earlier when  I thought of something. Wouldn’t  it be nice to have a blog horoscope? Something that will tell you […]